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About us

door Gijsbert

Van Rubensdael Drentsche Patrijshondenkennel from Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands has been started by the proud owners Gijsbert en Hester Van Luinen-de Rooij.

The name Van Rubensdael

The name Van Rubensdael comes from our first Drent: Ruben Max van de Sebastiaans Hoeve. It all started with him in December 2010. We thought it would be good to find a friend for our Golden Retriever. Hereby we thought of a relocation dog. A good idea to give a relocator a new chance.

How it started

Ruben Max vd Sebastiaans Hoeve

On our search for a suitable dog we came across Ruben Max (Max) on the Internet. A dog of more than 8 years that had to be replaced due to circumstances. We were immediately interested in Max. After telephone contact with the breeder where Max was already staying at that time, we have made an appointment to get acquainted. During this appointment it clicked right away between Max and Floss, our Golden Retriever. And not unimportant; between Max and us it felt good too! To our surprise, we were allowed to take Max right away. The breeder had a request from us; she wanted to breed a litter with Max. Whether we agreed …

Whole new world

Hester en Pups Bryn x Floris Sr

Of course we thought it was good that Max would be used as a stud. As a result, we entered a completely new world for us. Max was medically tested. This went perfectly. He had a good HD result (HD-A, Norberg value 40). Max “had” to run another show and achieve at least a ZG (very good) to meet the qualification. This show became the Clubmatch 2011 of the Drentsche Patrijshond association. Max would start in the Veteran class. A number of males with champion titles were also entered in this class. We didn’t have to make an illusion, we went for the ZG qualification. It was exciting and new for us! We could not have imagined what happened then; Max became 1st with an excellent assessment!

Eva Beste Teef van het Ras bij de Jachthondenshow 2014

The rest can be guessed ..

Max had his points to cover. Because of this there was nothing in the way to cover anymore. On July 15, 2011 Max became the father of 8 healthy Drentenpups. We have kept a Geoff from this.

Geoff eerste in open klasse
Geoff eerste in open klasse

Because of Max we are “caught” by cynology. We think it’s a nice idea to name our kennel after him; Van Rubensdael, Drentsche Patrijhondenkennel.

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