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Floris and his Deadlines

door Hester
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dsc_0344This week I write the 13th blog about Floris. Nothing negative about he number 13, because it is still much fin to write about Floris. I hope lots of blogs about his adventures will follow after this one.  But sometimes there’s a week with less adventures and I must really think hard what Floris has experienced in recent days, or rather what we have experienced with him.

One thing is sure, It is never boring! A promise is a promise, every Sunday there will be a blog about Floris adventures. So I have a deadline.

Speaking of deadlines; Floris has them too. Actually, he has given it to us. It starts in the morning. If we think we can sleep in a little, Floris feels different about it. At about half past seven, he’s awake and he tries to get attention by pushing against the door of his cage. And it becomes increasingly compelling.

dsc_0343It lasts for about half an hour, say eight o clock. After that he decides enough is enough. We are kindly summoned to get up. The rest of the pack stand by him meanwhile.  Incidentally, we know Geoff can open a cage but probably thinks it is quit alright that the adolescent Drenth is in there as he didn’t help Floris to get out of it.

Next deadline is breakfast. right after the first peeing round of the day breakfast must be served. Is it somewhat later as planned the pack will point out immediately there are some rumbling tummies involved. To get in your way is something Floris is really good at. But even when you step on his toes, no matter, the breakfast deadline must be met!

dsc_0346While writing and thinking about this blog, I must say that there are many deadlines in one day. The daily break for instance. Many of you know we go out with the pack every day, for a walk in the fields or training or for playing search games.

Often we plan these trips in the morning. But when it is more convenient to go in the afternoon we have to tell Floris and the rest of the pack we shifted the trip deadline tot hte afternoon.

Those deadlines of our pack can I translate to the regularity with which we have brought up our dogs. Each day has a fixed pattern, and that pattern is repeated. So the dogs recognize and remember it. You already understood: Deadlines? We miss none!

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