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Floris celebrates his half birthday

door Gijsbert
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dsc_03411Floris is now 6 month old. Not Minor Puppy anymore but a real puppy. But how do you define Puppy? When you take a look in the dictionary you will see: young dog. Nothing to add to that. Floris is indeed a young dog. A fantastic nice young dog. But to call him a puppy… Of course he has a puppy’s age and his mental development is at puppy level. But he is as tall as Eva, our alpha female who has taken the role of foster mom with love. Floris body is developing rapidly to lanky size and he now weighs over 27 kilos. No pup at all, but a bear like young dog!

dsc_03321To grow into an adult dog, you will have to eat of course. Well, that doesn’t fall on deaf ears! Floris really likes to eat. Not only his dog food or dog meat, but everything you can find in the refrigerator. When we for instance put some snacks for ourselves on the table we say by default: Not meant for Floris! Floris likes everything and want to try everything. When I would mention them all it would be a complete grocery list. Even a cup of coffee is not safe. He simply puts his paw in the cup to find out what it is.

dsc_03351Except that Floris already large in stature, he is sometimes a large thinker too.  So there were times when he thought Bryn in heat would be charmed by his clumsy advances.Too bad this would be a disappointment for him. At moments when Bryn was in doubt Eva or Veerle Intervened. With a corrective growl Floris was urged to go and play with his toys instead of Bryn.

He also had secretly hoped to be the man of the house. Is not such a strange thought if you know that this week Geoff was a part of the pack of granny Nienke. Floris was the only male dog in our pack and felt, despite his young age, a big man. Unfortunately he is now a little disillusioned because the ladies clearly told him he has nothing to say yet in the pack.

It is very beautiful to follow the lives and fortunes of our pack. Floris is still a puppy for now, but how will it be when he grows up? As it looks now, he will grow up to be a social, confident guy.



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