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Floris has Game in his Nose

door Hester
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It was pretty tiring such a first Dog show.A ll new impressions had to be properly processed. Floris slept so deeply that he did not even react
to the word “food”. And that says something. Because food is surely one of his favorite pastimes.

During our walks we Floris we can notice very well he is a hunting dog. That sounds like a telling act. After all, he belongs to the breed group
7: Pointing Dogs. But not every hunting dog has “real passion” for hunting. Well, Floris does! It has been ingrained in him since his mother
Mira does very well in pratice hunting.

Our pack is almost always runs free in the field. Running and joking auround together is wonderful of course. Sometimes, when the wind blows in the right direction, they catch the scent of game. So Floris has picked up a trace of a pheasant. He ducked into the bushes and indeed, a pheasant ran away cursing, with Floris on his heels. In an open piece of wood the pheasant could fly off. Unfortunately Floris has no wings so the pheasant had won.

But no more regrets. The smell of other game was already in his nose. Along with Bryn he traced a rabbit. Because the rabbit ran towards a
road, we recalled Floris and Bryn with our whistle. A smart rabbit with experience we suspect.

Because Floris already had started his own hunting training, we expanded this further by training at another location with him. To give him a
new challenge, we made a track trail with a pigeon. That was quite a difficult task for him. Ultimately, Floris managed to follow the trail and
find the pigeon. He also returned it nicely to me. Of course in a “Drenth” way of doing: Not in a straight line but with a small detour.

Exactly today Floris is 10 months old; a young dog that can learn much in hunting. He clearly shows that he wants to work. The most important
thing is that he has a lot of fun doing so. Then the rest will follow (with training) automatically!

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