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Floris is 25 blogs in our pack!

door Hester
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We do have a little party this week. This time not a birthday party but an anniversary! I’m writing the 25th blog this week about Floris! The idea for this blog actualy arose to keep other boss Joost is much as possible in touch with Floris besides the live encounters. And so for Floris breed Helena Lyckoskog. I Never could have dreamed theblog is read on a weekly basis by nearly 700 people!

And the fun thing is, I don’t even know them all. Floris Blog is not only read in the Netherlands and Sweden, but also in other European countries. Floris even has fans in USA. This shows the power of Social Media. Floris however remains quite cool about the success of his blog. Although you can sometimes see him think: do you have to take a picture of me again?

An anniversary is a great occasion to look back at a past period. So I grab the occasion to do so for all 24 previous blogs. I’ll do this by taking the cutest pictures from every previous blog and put them in this one. An overview from a 16 weeks old pup tot a 9 month old though guy.

Not only the great reactions to the blog but also because I like it a lot to write about the adventures and development of Floris are important reasons to continue Floris Blog. Up to the next 25!

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