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Floris is mixed-up

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Floris is mixed up.. not literally though it might be possible. When you see him running his long legs waving to all sides. That should be a mix-up sometimes. No, what I mean is that he is mixed up in a manner of speaking. His surrogat mom is in heat. Normally he can lay next to her and could he tell all his puppy tales. But now he is not allowed and she growls when he comes too close. You can see him thinking: “Why can I not be with you because you smell so good..”

But Floris learns quickly and because the hormones are raging through his teenage body he very quickly realizes what’s going on with the ladies. And with Geoff as his role model, Floris thinks he’s such a male already.

Both men keep in their own way an eye on all places where the ladies lay down. The chair, sofa or carpet are accurately inspected and cleaned as necessary. Company Male Dog Ltd. For all your cleaning …

Nice to see but also instructive what a bitch in heat does with males. But to pass this period as smootly as possible for everyone, we decided that the male dogs arre going to stay elsewhere when the females sit on top of their heat. Geoff will stay in the pack of granny Nienke and Floris is going to the pack his father Floris sr. Where his other master also belongs too.

To get the bitches in heat out of the mind, we are going on trips with the men separated from the females. So we have done search games with Floris in the woods and did hunt training. Nice to see that now clearly understands what is expected of him. 

While the dummy is hidden he waits nicely until he received the command “search”. Without any restraint he immediately runs into the forest to search for the dummy. And with success! All times he came back with the dummy. The “ordinary” apport he’s doing fine. The dummy is returned neat. Of course as it suits a Drenth, the parade lap is not forgotten. But when the “get in” command is given the dummy is put down to the feet.

Clever how he does this while at home he has the females in heat which might distract his attention. So we think. But for a dog matters: what you do not see, hear or smell is not there. That makes life a lot easier. Would be quite easy for humans too sometimes.

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