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Floris sleeps over at other Masters

door Hester
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Floris is back! He slept over for a week at his at other master Joost. We missed his naughty pranks and hugs, but we know he feels great in the other pack. No doubt he entertained everyone with his pranks. You can read and see all about it in the below blog and pictures from Anna Wegink, daughter of other master Joost.

We, as co-owners of Floris, lately received a telephone call that in the Van Rubensdael pack two females were in heat. Question was if Floris could live with us for a week. 

Of course we immediately said YES! So Floris came to us on February 11. We have two Drenths of our own; Floris sr and Tygo. They already know each other so that did not make them meet somewhat less special.

 Floris jr and Tygo recognized a play friend in each other. You could tell Floris jr is a real teenager. We laughed a lot about him. Every morning we were greeted cheerfully. He wanted to play every minute of the day. And cuddling, he can do that as no one else! 

It was a very nice week and we hope to see you soon Dear Floris!

Anna Wegink


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