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Floris, thé man of the pack

door Hester
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It is quiet around the house because the men are staying elsewhere. Maybe it sounds odd, because we still have three females in the pack (of which two are in heat). But just those females in heat are the reason for the sleepovers. It does not feel complete because pack leader Geoff and clown Floris are absent.

Geoff knows, as a father to a nice number of offspring, as no one else how interesting a female in heat can be. This is the main reason why he sleeps over. From a very reliable source we know he is a little paradise in granny Nienke’s pack.  Thus Floris is the only male in the pack for a couple of days.

And Floris? He likes it a lot to be thé man of the pack. Too bad for him the ladies do thinks otherwise. ‘Course, he is the only male in the pack, but the privileges he thought he earns with it are taken away immediately by the ladies. Floris is stunned and a shattered illusion richer.

His first teenage love is a hard time. He so desperately wants to be with the ladies in heat that in his despair he tries to hook up with Bryn. But she is not impressed at all by his charm offensive because she is not in heat. Her irritations lead to Floris going off and be jilted. You can see the confusion on his snout. Unfortunately a second time going off and be jilted is waiting to happen. He thinks he can share his teenage love with his foster mom Eva. She however doesn’t feel like that. This not only means a scratch on his ego, but also a scratch on his ear. Fortunately a hug from Bryn and a “Bob the Builder” band aide take care of that.

And then the day comes Floris is going the sleep over as well. Considering he has been stood up many times this is the right moment. Just empty the head and nose in being away from the ladies in heat. For us it is getting used to it. It is quiet without our clown. But he likes it a lot to stay in the pack of his father Floris Sr. and his other master Joost. New adventures and experiences for Floris. These adventures will not be written down by me in a blog. Anna, daughter of Joost, will have the honors to write next week’s blog. I am very curious and honored as well that she will write the next blog about Floris!


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