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The day Veerle became a Mom..

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Sometimes you have different days than you expected. Those days that you like to do because hopefully things will get better. Wednesday June 19 last was such a day. The day that Veerle became a mother.

We have been looking forward to it for weeks. The day that Veerle gave birth to her puppies. After a pregnancy according to “the book” we also hoped that for her birth. We did not yet know that her birth did not become an intimate event in our living room when we saw on Tuesday, June 18 that Veerle would soon become a mother. That conscious Tuesday her body indicated that it was time to give birth to the puppies and started the “preliminary work”.

A restless and heavily panting Veerle threw the whelping box several times to make a nest. Our bank suffered the same fate. The decorative cushions flew around. In the meantime, we made the final preparations. The rest of our pack was banned to the dog room. They also knew what time it was.

We know from experience that a birth can take a long time. But when there was very little progress at the beginning of the evening, we prepared for a long night. And it became a long night. Veerle broke the record panting and we drink the record coffee. Halfway through the night, Veerle lost moisture. Fortunately bright in color. It is all right so we immediately thought. And hurray, now it’s going to get along! But none of that. We saw the sun rise and it was still quiet.

Then comes the inevitable moment that Mother Nature needs a helping hand. After consultation with our veterinarian in the early hours of the 19th of June, it was decided to come to the practice for an examination and an oxytocin injection. The latter is a contraction stimulating hormone. There you are; on the floor in the consultation room. A heavily panting Veerle on his lap. It still remained quiet.

We were there when Veerle was lying on the operating table. It hit us extra hard on an empty stomach and after a long sleepless night. And then the redeeming word from the vet; Here puppy is one. A complete package was placed on the table. The package was quickly opened. A beautiful dog! He quickly made himself heard. What a twink! What a relief!

The second puppy was a lot less beautifully packaged. The amnion seemed filled with mud, a dark drab. They acted at lightning speed; a second beautiful male appeared. They worked with power and strength. He was massaged and his mouth and throat were sucked clean. Slowly his feet and tongue turned pink. I didn’t know I thought pink was such a beautiful color. He was there (again)! What a mess!

Veerle was literally rid of her puppies. She made it and so did her puppies! You understand how relieved and happy we were! We are very proud of Veerle. What a power and endurance she has shown. She confidently surrendered to the anesthetic knowing that it would be all right. And that was it. And the puppies? The boys of Van Rubensdael 2.0 are born. It is no surprise how they got their pedigree name. They have more than lived up to their name on this 19th of June.

The day that Veerle became a mom …

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