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door Gijsbert

The Dutch Patridgedog is build proportionately.  Dry musculas build, drawn sharp  The coat color is white with brown patches.

bouw en  uiterlijk van de reu

The physique shows powerful ans shows the ability to develop the needed speed necessary for a gun dog. The Drent is a bit longer than high. Slightluy stretched.

The coat is characterized as long. Not to long on the body, but the Drent has well coated ears , neck and chest. In addition, the front and rear legs are feathered and the Drent has a long hairy, bushy tail.

The structure of the coat is wavy or straight.
bouw en uiterlijk van de teef

The eyes are amber colored.

The height of the male averages 59 to 63 cm
The height of the bitch is on average 55 to 60 cm

An average male weighs 30 to 35 kg
A bitch weighing an average of 25 to 30 kg




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