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Care and training

door Gijsbert

Caring for the Dutch Patridgedog

Prachtige vacht die weinig verzorging nodig heeftA Dutch Patridgedog does not need much care. Does your dog dive in a ditch en comes out dirty? No worries. A Drent is “self cleaning”  and wil be perfectly clean after an hour. You don not need to shower the Drent. When you do, do NOT use any shampoo. Ths is not good for the coat.

Brush the coat up to 1x per week.  Generally grooming is not necessary.

keurige oren

Because the hair between the toes can be quite long, it is important to cut it. The hair on the ears is long, but should not be longer than the length of the ears. Pluck the hair on the ears regularly and cut long hair to acceptable length. Always make sure that a Drent does not look “hairdressed”.

The Drents’ nails grow fast. Usually  faster than the Usually faster than they can wear on a hard surface. Regular trimming is therefore a must. When you wait to long to trim the nails it will be more difficult to see where you can cut the nail without hurting the paw. Start with it as early in life as possible.

Raising and training the Drent

Opvoeding, trainen met dummiesA Drent Pup learns the most between the age of 8 and 12 weeks.  (This applies to all dogs by the way).  Everything you learn him he will remember when you keep using the trained skill.  The Drent is a very intelligent dog and can be teached a lot. Keep his gentle character in mind while training. Par Force training is not done! Raising a Drent is on average more difficult than raising an other breed. Be Een Drent is lastiger dan gemiddeld op te voeden. Be consistent, but don’t raise your voice.


Opvoeding; jachttraining

Because the Drent is genetically coded for hunting it is good to train him accordingly. Keep in mind a Drent can think for himself and can make his own decissions. Hou daarbij wel rekening met het vermogen van de Drent om zelf na te denken en keuzes te maken. Daarbij is de zintuiglijke input bij een Drent gemiddeld groter dan bij veel andere rassen. The Drents’  sensory input is on average higher than in many other breeds.

Patience and a sense of humor are very usefull in the education of your Drent because of his stubborn intelligent character.  Us it and you have a friend for life and a very reliable hunting buddy.



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