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door Gijsbert

The Drentsche Partridge Dog has been bred for three specific characteristics:

Drentsche Patrijs
  • As a hunting dog
  • As a watch dog
  • As a family dog

If hunting is the Drent an active, curious dog who likes to work but also has his own input because he must be able to search the hunting field independently hunting. He remains close to the hunter, is soft  in the mouth to prvent damaging the retrieved wild. The Drent is a pointing dog, but also retrieves like a champion.


In it’s role as a watchdog a Drent is very alert and stands it’s ground when necessary.

Drentsche Patrijs pup

As a family dog the Drent is devoted, affectionate, loves to be hugged and is very good with children. He behaves very good to other pets too. In case of children the Drent sometimes needs to be protected from itself, because he allows more from children than is good for him.

Because the Drent can be somewhat stubborn en is a very playfull dog the upbrining can demand lot’s of patience but above all a good sense of humor.


The Drent is not a dog  for an outside dog kennel. He needs human company.
The character in a nutshell: Intelligent and sensitive, cheerful and lively, curious and affectionate. 





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