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The pack is complete again

door Hester
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The scenario “ladies in heat ” can go back in the cabinet. The men are back home again! The girls still had to get used to the presence of our men. I suspect them that they thought it was nice and quiet without them. I can imagine that a little; Indeed, it is a lot quieter without teenage Drent Floris who likes to be the clown. And we..? We love it that the pack is complete again. Only girls in the house is very cozy, but a pair of cool male dogs are great fun along all the “girly stuff”.

While all dogs are pulling in the same direction and Eve has transferred her temporary duties as pack leader to Geoff, the normal pack life continues. Five bowls are filled again and we’ll all go on trips as usual.

In addition to these trips with the pack Floris goes out with us on his own. He then learns to stand on his own feet without the pack members who are only too happy to take care of him. Floris really likes the Anna-forest. A perfect place not just to wander around among trees and bushes but as well as for hunting training. During our last walk there with Floris, he gave a unique interpretation of the hunting training;

Suddenly he was pointing wonderfully, nose in the air and he was gone …. Only after about 20 meters, we saw he was chasing a hare! The hare ran for his life with Floris closing in.

No fun for the hare but we enjoyed the spectacle. Floris’ lack of (practical) experience ultimately profited the hare. But as we saw Floris working, we saw the promises for the future! With this experience in his nose and head a workout with a goose wing is actually quite boring …

Moreover Floris will soon get new experiences too; Today he has reached the age of a youth class dog. No more puppy class, a cool youth class dog! His first show is on the agenda. Maybe his first show will be a small family reunion. Who knows .. it would be great fun!




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