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De boys at the Offspring Day

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Boys in de ring Nakomelingendag

On Saturday, May 18, the annual offspring day of our breed club DPHCN took place. On this day young Drents between the ages of approximately 1.5 and 2 years are assessed by an official judge. A nice, fun day. Sometimes also a little exciting day for the young Drent, owner and breeder. For the latter, perhaps even more exciting. Because how has the nest you bred developed and what does the judge think of it?

The boys from Van Rubensdael were also present. They are now 19 months old and belonged to the target group of this offspring day. We hadn’t seen them for a while. On photos of course, of course, but ‘live’ is different and much more fun!

Storm bij de keurmeester Nakomelingendag

It took some getting used to for them. Not so strange of course. All of a sudden you all meet racers. Basically family. And then you also have to do a round in the ring. Something that you as a young Drent prefer to do without a line and outside. But both boys have completed their first appearance in the ring well.

Roef bij de keurmeester Nakomelingendag

The boys from Van Rubensdael (Storm and Roef in daily life) have become sweet, fun and handsome. Sure as a breeder you also have a bit of ‘pink glasses’. But the judge agreed with us. In fact, he was extremely satisfied! He was also extremely satisfied with Geoff and Eva. The parents of the boys. Then as a breeder you can only be very happy and proud. For Geoff a nice end to his career as a stud dog. The boys are his last ‘feat’. He is now going to enjoy his retirement. I’m sure that will work.

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