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From Heat to Mating

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It is of course no surprise that puppies are not brought by the stork. The story of the flowers and bees also applies to dogs.

We have been looking forward to it for a while. The heat of Veerle. Normally we like to skip that ‘hassle’. Because with males in the pack, the heat of the ladies still requires the necessary organizational talent. Eva and Bryn were the first to get into heat. Veerle not yet. Now we know that she likes to draw her own plan, so it would not be strange if she did not join the other ladies.

But Veerle thought she couldn’t stay behind and also got in heat. Hoera! What she did not know then was that this heat would be dominated by her cover. The time of progesterone sting and finally the mating with the handsome Bram van Rubensdael. Not unknown to us.

Now our ladies, including Veerle, keep themselves clean during their heat. It is therefore sometimes difficult to determine whether the day on which we find that it is in heat is actually the first day of heat. We are not usually concerned about that, but in the case of coverage it is certainly important that you do not miss the right moment. In contrast to humans, bitches often only have a chance to mate twice a year. It would be a shame if you are late.

On to the first progesterone test. Hereby the vet can determine when the right breeding time is. The moment when the bitch is most fertile. And that most fruitful moment doesn’t take holidays or your agenda into account. Geoff has covered twice on the early morning of New Year’s Day. Fortunately, Veerle does not hate doctor visits and is patiently examined and pricked. After an hour we got the results. The ‘zero line’ we wanted was very literal. So we really had the first day of heat.

After a few days a second progesterone assessment followed. The result that followed hardly indicated an increase. Nothing to do about it, Mother Nature determines. Speaking of that same Mother Nature; It can be quite confusing for us humans. We see a clearly loopy Veerle. The males are in all states. And yet it is not that far yet. And then you have to wait another 4 weeks after the mnating until you know whether the mating has been successful. The patience of a breeder is sometimes put to the test. On to vet visit number 3. If you come to the vet so often in a short time, they know you by name and dog. Also nice again.

After visiting the vet 5 times, Veerle thought she was stung enough and it was time for her coverage. She too was at her ‘top’ on a public holiday. Good Friday, April 19th. In a few weeks we will know if it was a really good Friday.

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