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The magic of the cutting board

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A cutting board .. Who doesn’t have it in the kitchen drawer? An everyday utensil for the kitchen. We have it too. Multiple even; in all sizes and colors. Now you probably think; Where is this going? No, it will not be an advertisement for a store selling household goods.

I have never been interested in a cutting board. For the simple reason that I never use it. I never cook. Hubby likes to be in the kitchen. Incidentally, with a lot of success. You understand that the cutting board works better with him than with me.

Swedish chef

groene plank

The cutting board only got my interest after I noticed that our pack found such a board very interesting. When hubby is in the kitchen, he always gets company from at least one Drent; our Swedish chef. But as soon as he takes a cutting board, the rest of the pack immediately comes running to take a seat in the kitchen. They recognize the sound of the cutting board that is placed on the counter immediately. They also hear the difference in the cutting boards. The white board with a black border makes a different sound than the completely white or green one. Something that I never noticed but that is undoubtedly to do with my disinterest in this household article.

But why is our pack now penetrating into the kitchen as soon as there is a cutting board on the counter? Or rather if that black-rimmed shelf is in the picture? Indeed, it has to do with food. Not their own food. This is served at an earlier moment in the garage. At the time the boss is in the kitchen, they have long forgotten that.

Chicken breast

plank momentje

Chicken fillet is sliced ​​on that very important cutting board. The chicken fillet board. As soon as the knife is placed in the chicken fillet package, that too makes a separate noise, you see the tension in the eyes of the pack increase. Big eyes, trembling paws, our youngest starts to drool. Would it? Would the boss divide a piece of chicken fillet? The relief is great when they see that the boss does indeed put a bit apart. A few seconds later it is divided into 5 pieces and the big, magical moment is there.

The most magical moment is when the chicken fillet board can be licked clean after use. No millimeter is skipped. Not once, no five times. Every Drent gets his moment with the shelf. Then the shelf is checked by five pairs of eyes as it disappears into the dishwasher.

The cutting boards that follow are a lot less interesting. They sound different so no chicken fillet. They want to ‘hang’ in the kitchen for the green shelf. That is the vegetable board. (How appropriate?) This is only interesting for chicory, broccoli or green beans. They think lettuce is too ordinary.



And then there is that small cutting board; small but very important. Boss and Drenten are happy about that board. It is only used for a piece of cheese or sausage with a drink.

If you think nice story but that probably comes from the ‘top hat’ or the proverbial ‘thick thumb’, You are welcome to come and see it with your own eyes.

Make a reservation of course.

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