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Two captains in a pack?

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or not?

It has now been 2.5 years since Floris Jr. joined our pack. Totally unexpected and certainly not planned. We found 4 Drenten a good number. But now 5 also appears to be a very nice number. What a feast to have this clown born in Sweden!

floris en geoff

Although we found out in one phone call that Floris was very welcome with us, there were also well-intentioned advice to sleep on it anyway. Reason for this: Floris would not be the first male in our pack. The Van Rubensdael pack leader is, after all, also a male. Our Geoff. “Would that go well if Floris is an adult? “Was a frequently heard comment.

There would be two adult, complete (uncastered) males living together in a house with a pack of 3 bitches.

For us it was certain; We are going to do it. We trust in the wisdom of our pack. That our pack is a nice “club”, has certainly been shown when puppy Floris entered the pack. Geoff was happy with some masculine reinforcement and already started with the first lessons in decent leadership. Eva immediately put Floris in her mother’s heart and, when necessary, cleaned up his puppy bottles. Veerle and Bryn were patient playmates.

kapitein en stuurman

Floris has of course tried out how far he can go with Geoff. But Geoff has always corrected him with dignity in a pack leader. And yes, Floris was sometimes put on his back. But the men always came out together without serious skirmishes or interference from our side. Nice to see how the dog language works.

So now we are 2.5 years further and Floris has grown into a young adult male of almost 3 years. From the number 5 in the pack, he has climbed up to the number 3 on the podium. Places 1 and 2 are occupied by Geoff and Eva respectively.


The men have really become friends. We also notice this when Floris is staying with his other pack. Geoff misses Floris then. Although he will of course never admit that. They share the tasks in the field of security and management of the entire pack, with Geoff being the ultimate responsible. In the absence of Geoff, Floris is deputy pack leader and he is forced by Eva.

Our experience is therefore; Yes, it can be 2 adult, complete males in a pack with bitches. And no, there are no two captains. The captain is Geoff and 1st mate is Floris. There are clear agreements between the men. Floris did not mind the most important appointment; The bitches in heat are from Geoff. Then applies; Just watch and certainly not touch.

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