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Veerle and Flynn; parents to be

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The countdown has begun; just under two weeks to go. The longest day, the beginning of summer, is the due date. Now there are few bitches who give birth exactly on day 63, exactly 9 weeks after their coverage. The meteorological longest day or not, a birth is often a long day.

Mother nature

lange dag

We look forward to that long day. How long that day will be depends on Veerle. Or rather from Mother Nature. I have something like that; “Come on, keep on working then it just happened.” Of course it doesn’t work that way. It is a beautiful process that should certainly not be frayed. Just as with the previous deliveries of our ladies, we adapt and do what Mother Nature requires of us.

Until that time we will wait and spoil Veerle. She is doing great! My curiosity is put to the test when I feel the puppies move in Veerle’s belly. Who are you? What do you look like? There are at least a few soccer players. There is pressure put on the header and penalties, that talent they have from their father Flynn. I know he likes to kick a ball with his youngest boss.

Who is Flynn?

Flynn als pup
Flynn als pup

Who is the father of the pups of Veerle? He has long forgotten “the moment” and will never recognize the pups as his offspring. Fortunately for the puppies there is the mandatory DNA profile! Flynn is no stranger to us. Moreover; I was there when he was born. I unpacked it and rubbed it clean. Born as Bram van Rubensdael. The third son of Eva and Geoff. Flynn has grown into a beautiful, tough and social twink with the looks of his grandfather, the father of Geoff; Ruben Max. The male who taught us the love for the Drent. The dog that started it all for us.

Although Flynn has long forgotten his date with Veerle, he has never forgotten us. Very nice example of Mother Nature; The first voice and odor that the puppy perceives in his nesting period always stays with him. You understand; all meetings with Flynn are a party!


veerle als pup
Veerle als pup

Without Flynn, Veerle would not have been pregnant by the grandchildren of our pack leader and alpha lady. But who is Veerle? For many, she is less well known. She doesn’t like being in the spotlight. She does not like shows even though she is a model. She is that model from her father Jarak. Better known nationally and internationally as multi-champion Bart fan’t Suydevelt. Veerle, who loves the field, hunting and tracking. Often she proudly comes to you with the remains of a bird, duck or rabbit. She is in her element in the field. A Power Woman with a clear self-will.

Will the pups of Veerle and Flynn become footballers in the making? or handsome detective noses? Perhaps handsome soccer players or soccer-playing sleuths. No idea. One thing is certain; They become Drenten. Van Rubensdael’s fifth litter is almost a fact. Geoff and Eva become grandparents again. All brothers and sisters of Flynn and Veerle once again receive the title uncle or aunt. And we? We are already proud again ..

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