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The pack in full continuous work.

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The title suggests that our pack has a job and works. They don’t have a job but they enjoy working. Not in the household unfortunately. Although, we always have help with cleaning the dishwasher. And Floris is happy to take the empty shopping bag back to the garage. Now this is also self-interest for the smart guy. Because there is the large barrel with kibbles and sweets.

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No job for our pack. But for the boss. And he has a job with an employer who is continuously in operation 24/7. That the boss has day shifts, evening shifts and also night shifts, that is not what they do. They have a flawless eye on the routine, the cycle of services.

Take a day shift; To compensate a bit for getting up early, the boss goes to bed the night before at 9.30 p.m. And the pack knows that! Around that time the pack looks expectantly at the clock, the boss’s shoes are packed and neatly placed in front of him. The alarm clock has no mercy on the day itself and then makes itself heard at 5 a.m. They are real bullets that Drenten of us. No problems at all with the very early time. This is in contrast to the boss who prefers to stay next to the coffee maker. Even before the boss goes to work at 6 a.m., the sitting area has already been seized by 5 sleeping Drents.

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An evening shift is a lot more fun in terms of working hours, says the pack. Find the boss too. Going to work in the afternoon means enjoying the field in the morning. Running, swimming, sniffing around and picking up a ball at the request of the boss. A good start to the day! If the boss goes to work in the course of the afternoon, that is the most normal thing in the world for the pack. They will hear when he is back.

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The most important thing for the evening is; more room on the couch because the boss is not there. And yes, they really hear it when he comes home. Before the boss drives into the street, they receive an app. The boss who stayed home then. At the signal from the app-je the pack stands up in one movement and goes to the kitchen. Time for the “We have to be quiet” cookie. It is already around 00.00 am. Not really a time when the neighbors get happy from 5 enthusiastic Drents.

The night shifts are a real party! The boss is at home during the day. An outing is often on the program. A long walk for example. You can then rest on the couch. Because the boss sleeps a few hours before his night shift. Plenty enough. If the boss clicks the access badge on his belt before he leaves, the pack knows what time it is; “The boss doesn’t sleep at home, 2 of us can sleep in bed with the” stay at home “boss.” Fortunately, the boss has several night shifts in succession so that the whole pack comes for a real pajama or guest party.

The pack is completely adapted to the boss’s schedule. See the power of repetition here. They really learned the schedule! A day off must, so to speak, first be discussed otherwise their routine will no longer be correct and they will be at the door at 9.15 pm with the boss’s shoes on. Because the boss has a day shift tomorrow and according to our Drenten there is no pin between them.

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