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The Drentsche Partridge Dog

door Gijsbert

Historyvan de Drentsche Patrijshond

Spioen de voorouder van de Drentsche Patrijshond

The Drentsche Partridge Dog  (Drentsche Patrijshond)  is one of the oldest Dutch breeds. It descents from the “spioenen” which came to holland in the 16th century with the Spanjards. You can see them quite often on old paintings.

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Drentsche Patrijshond op de heide

The Drent is bred for three distinct features:

  • As a gundog
  • As a watchdog
  • As a family dog

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Drentsche Partridge DogThe Drentsche Partridge Dog is a proportional built dog, dry muscled and sharply defined. The coat color is white with brown patches. The powerful physique shows and demonstrates the ability to develop speed which is required for a hunting. The Dren tis slightly longer than tall, thus slightly elongated.

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Care and Upbringing


A Drent does not need much coat care.
Does your dog dive into a ditch and comes out dirty? Do not worry, a Drent is self-cleaning and his coat will be perfectly clean again after an hour or so.

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