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door Gijsbert

The Drentsche Patrijshond is a hunting dog pure sang. He belongs to the pointers that indicate the game for the hunter.  After the shot, he retrieves from land and water and has a reputation as a determined and efficient finder of lost game.

Hazen jagenThe Drentsche Patrijshond is a dog close to nature.  This will give them more than four times more sensory stimuli e.g. compared to Retreivers.

The advantage is that a Drent does’nt only work on commands in the field, but also thinks for himself. On the opposite training a Drent prove to be more difficult dan traning a retreiver.


Because not everbody has the means to participate in a hunt fortunattely there are some alternatives::

  • Hunting practice.
  • KNJV tests.
  • Field competitions.
  • Fetch tests.

Training a Drent is a matter of patience en lots of time.
You can distinguish between training for competitions and trials and training aimed for hunting.


Kraaien jagenOur Drents train with a focus on active hunting.  While Geoff and Eva join us in the hunting fields it is not relevant if they will be send forward for 26 meters or 150 meters.

Hunting in the Netherlands has a less positive image.That’s too bad. The cause can be found in  pleasure hunt. People who are against hunting do not distinguish between hunting for pleasure and hunting for wildlife control.

Hunting for wildlife control is necessary for a healthy animal population,  to preserve crops or to maintain drinking water

Besides it is so great to see how the hunting instinct manifest when our dogs are in the fields.

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